Saturday, October 8

bile hati dah touching a.k.a when hearts touched T_T


wahhhh...tittle jew dah menusuk kalbu...content dye ~??? 

haha jup biar bomie-chan story dulu...

pk sejenak....

start lar story yg touching ny....

huh ~!! bomie-chan dpt tw yg ruper2nyer bomie-chan ny manusia buangan..
alarrrr yg mcm barang terbuang tuh...skarang ny bomie-chan da boley geng dgn bestie lar sbb dye pon ex-org terbuang...haha
selame ny bomie-chan happy biler da dpt taw mcm tu mmg rase hampe dan nak bwk diri f"fly away" lar dr cny..


so...sorryla pd yg berkenaan..jgn nak pujuk bomie-chan lg...
once aty bomie-chan dar hurting...terluka mcm lagu LOVE SICK sing by FT ISLAND tu...
bomie-chan xkan baik lg ~
sorryla...xde makne nak wat camtu...
skali ko buang aq ~ slame2nyer ko jd manusia terbuang ~!!
tu nasihat bomie-chan kat makhluk ALLAH tu ~

bomie-chan ny manusia kental lg kenyal...

ala-ala chewing gum ni...
tp bukan jeli-jeli ye ~

hahahahaahaha ~ cayalar...okay2 xyala bomie-chan lebey2 ~ kunx ade yg touching menangis meraung..
OMA tak sanggup bomie-chan nak tadah telinge ~!!

annoying mcm nila...mmg malang...

Thursday, October 6

~ manusia berpenyakit ~

ape masalah lar bomie-chan ny ~?? blaja mls ~ mcm da xde harapan nak idop lg ~
bile mcm ni start lar wat kije2 xbetol mcm ny ===> update blog <=====
hehe ~
ye ye bomie-chan tw ~ kije ny bknyer kije xberfaedah ~
tp bile ~~~~ bile pk2kan blk ~ mmg xpaedah lar kalo da dok dpn lappy ny hampir 12jam ~
haha >.<
bomie-chan ny mmg "manusia berpenyakit" ~
hahahahaha (big laugh)

muke terkejut lps tw ade penyakit kronik ny


xpela ~ npknyerrrrr ~~~
penyakit tu dr dalam ~
penyakit dalaman ~

~ because we are a girls ~

‎"girls" is like a "hard bread" ~
look tough and hard on outside ~
But it's tender and soft in inside ~
they used to pretend like they don't care ~
but actually deep inside they care so much ~
they used to act rough ~
because they don't want any boys make fun of them ~
they used to say whatever they want ~
truthfully they didn't mean it ~
to be honest ~
they are easily to break ~
they are soft to touch ~
they worth to be keep inside your heart ~
all because of they are a "girls" and they're just a "hard bread" ~

take me far away

~ great lover ~

“Are you still alone?” you asked me
And I just laughed
“I am loving someone,
I have someone to love”

You seem to worry about me,
Telling me there is someone
that you would like me to meet
Do you know that
I already have a great lover?
Someone I cherish so much that I have to hide

That person, only I can see him
He is only visible to my eyes
His name will be sealed in my lips forever
Only the tears that fill my eyes know
That the person is you

I don’t want to have him
I don’t want to be greedy
I just want to love him

You see now.. I am not alone
So don’t worry about me so much
Someday, I’ll introduce him to you
Can you hear the words of the tears that fill my eyes?
They say that the person is you